Educational Organizations

With a long history in both education and video production, Neal Davis of Group 5 Media offers a unique set of skills and experiences that enables him to work closely with educational organizations to develop materials for curriculum and professional development.

  • We know how to work with teachers and their students, and our crews have extensive experience in classrooms.
  • We've created hundreds of curriculum and teacher professional development programs.
  • We work closely with curriculum developers and professional development teams to ensure that video programs provide tangible support to the materials in a way no other medium can.
  • We produce videos, author DVDs, provide online materials, and design CD ROMs for curriculum, professional development, and educational marketing.
  • Watch samples on our Samples page. Contact us to see full-length samples of these and other materials.

Educational clients include:

  • Alameda County Office of Education
  • Stanford University
  • Lawrence Hall of Science
  • WestEd
  • Integrated Middle School Science Partnership
  • Developmental Studies Center

In addition to his video experience, Neal Davis has over ten years experience as a teacher and school administrator. He has worked as a curriculum developer and writer as well as in-house writer/producer/director of educational video and multimedia materials.