Production Styles

We specialize in:

  • Documentary Style: We combine live footage, interviews, graphics, and other material to create a powerful message. This is the most compelling way to tell a story, market a service or product, and explain a point of view.
  • Training and Professional Development: We work with you to produce a program that teaches, brings real world examples to your audience, and inspires and motivates your audience to use your ideas and methods.
  • How-To Programs: We create programs that teach particular activities step-by-step. We produce how-to programs that are concise, clear, and entertaining.
  • Schools and Classroom Work: We capture what happens in classrooms to educate teachers and support schools. Our crews have videotaped in classrooms for many years.
  • Live Events: We videotape live events and prepare them for use in presentations or for distribution on disc or the web.

How the Process Unfolds

  • Call us for a free consultation when you're considering using video.
  • We'll help you develop the initial idea and the best way to produce it.
  • We prepare budgets or bid on your project based on your ideas and create a plan that is cost effective, efficient, and timely. We work with you to balance creative vision and technical quality with budgetary concerns.
  • You respond to this plan, which enables us to further refine it.
  • When we all agree to the plan and the budget, the work gets underway.

Contact us with your production needs or ideas. We will gladly discuss your project with you.