What We Offer

GROUP 5 MEDIA is a full-service video production company, specializing in nonprofit and corporate programs. With more than twelve years of production experience, we provide offer a range of services:

  • Writing, producing, and directing video projects

    We work with you from the beginning of a project to its completion. We conceptualize, write, produce, and direct the program, delivering it complete, on time, and on budget.

  • Videotaping services

    We gather the footage that tells your story, capturing live events such as presentations, panel discussions, and classroom work. We interview. We direct professional talent and people unfamiliar with standing in front of a camera.

  • Post production

    We take the elements of a production and transform them into a complete, compelling story. We bring your program to life, whether itís video we've shot for you or existing footage. We repurpose existing material to create new programs.

  • DVD and web

    We help get your finished program out to your intended audience. We design and author DVDs and prepare videos for your website.

  • Consulting services

    We offer professional assistance analyzing your video needs, training people how to work on a video project efficiently, and developing video budgets and internal processes.

Contact us for a free consultation about a project or idea.

Neal Davis, founder of Group 5 Media, has extensive experience working in nonprofit and corporate environments. He has written, produced, directed, and edited video programs for marketing, training, education, and entertainment. Contact him at neal@group5media.com.