Nonprofit Organizations

Group 5 Media has extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations. We produce programs to help nonprofit organizations in key areas, including:

  • Development and Fundraising
  • Public Outreach
  • Education
  • Promoting and Celebrating an Organization's Work
  • Staff Training and Internal Education

We understand the particular needs and challenges of nonprofits, from budgetary to visionary, and we specialize in meeting these needs. We know what it means to be mission-driven and are adept at conveying the essential work done by an organization and motivating others to action.

Call us about your project and we'll help you discover the best way to get your message out. We'll help you keep costs down and make best use of your production budget.

Nonprofit clients include:

  • California Shakespeare Theater
  • Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in Information Technology
  • Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Developmental Studies Center

Neal Davis has extensive professional experience with nonprofit organizations. He has helped form a nonprofit, served as a director on a nonprofit's board, and worked for nonprofits.